Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Weekend!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend!

We started the morning of the 7th by going to the Wigwam's 2nd annual Egg Roll. We didn't get to hunt any eggs, but we spent time walking around and taking pictures.

We made a stop at the mall to take a picture with the Easter bunny. Unfortunately we don't have a scanner and I don't have a digital copy of it. It went over as well as it did last year. Needless to say, Silas was not pleased and wouldn't sit next to the bunny without mommy or his computer toy.

Later that afternoon we went to Jenica and Van's egg coloring party and met up with our buddies Cody, Ana, and Logan.

Easter morning Silas woke up bright and early and was super excited to see the goodies from the Easter bunny. The bubbles were the best part!

We got all dressed for church and took a few pictures before headed out for the the service.

After church, Mema and Papa came over. The Easter bunny left a basket for Silas at Mema's house, so she brought it over when her and Papa came over for Easter Lunch. They got to watch as Silas hunted for eggs.

It was so neat to see how excited Silas was this year! His sense of adventure and wonder never cease to amaze me!

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