Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Christmas Entry

Christmas was celebrated five times in four different homes this year! That means several Christmas tress and lots of family time, and way too many presents for Silas, although he didn't mind, I'm sure!

It started at "Pre Christmas Eve" at Mema and Papa's.

 We had a great time with extended family. Silas was super excited to open this particular gift!

 Christmas Eve was spent at Bubby and Honey's house.

Silas was generous with the hugs and love!

And told lots of stories to anyone who would listen.

Fun was had by all!

Someone was all tuckered out by the end of the night and ready to head home...

Santa came to our house over night.

Silas' train was a big hit! He ran down the battery twice!

He helped everyone open their presents!

Later that morning we headed over to Uncle Ken's. Silas loved cousin Thomas' jeep.

Afterwards we headed back over to Mema and Papa's.

No surprise what his favorite gift was!

We were blessed with lots of family and lots of love this holiday season.

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