Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday PNM!

Last year, Silas and I joined a Phoenix New Moms group. We attended the very first meet up and many more after that. This month we celebrated the first birthday for the group!

We didn't have any of the cake, but you can tell it's a mom party because of the diaper wipes next to the cake!

This picture only shows about half of our members. Silas is so lucky to have so many babies/toddlers his own age to play with! And I'm lucky to have so many mom friends to talk to!

Silas had a blast at the party, just like mommy and daddy did.

2 thoughts:

Rachel said...

We miss going to meetups with you guys! Hopefully this one is more fun than our night and weekend group. By the way, I used to work with one of the ladies in the picture, Julie Kiefer. Small world. Miss you!

Victoria said...

I think I knew that about Julie! I recall her saying she worked for GESD. I like this group a lot, but haven't been able to go to a lot with my work schedule. Soon I won't have to worry about that anymore though.