Sunday, July 10, 2011

Escaping the heat!

It has been so hot here that we decided to escape the heat and head up north to Prescott for the day.

Silas slept almost the entire way up and woke a few miles outside of Prescott Valley.

We decided to have lunch the Prescott Brewery Company, which is across from the courthouse/town square.

Silas was very vocal, but with some puffs and apple sauce he was ready to contently play and nibble off mine and Josh's plates.

After lunch we wondered around town and finally stopped to play in the grass in the square. We played ball and blew bubbles. Josh took some amazing pictures of Silas playing and walking around. It makes my heart smile and cry at the same time as I see him grow and hit more milestones.

We had a good time downtown and were going to check out the Museum at the mall, but on the way Josh and I broke into the bag of salt water taffy we had purchased at one of the shops. The taffy succeeded in ruining the trip, because it ripped out one of Josh's crowns.

We headed home and spent the evening splashing around in the splash mat.

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