Thursday, May 12, 2011

First hair cut!

 I took Silas down to Cool Cuts 4 Kids for his very fist cut...

Before Silas had his hair cut... such long scraggly locks

I don't think he quite knew what to make of the whole ordeal

Once he got the cape on he discovered the wheel turned... and we all know how much he loves wheels!

Silas did surprisingly well when the lady started cutting his hair.

I think he was worried when I left his line of sight. Cars helped to distract him for a while.

Although when the buzzers were brought out things changed...

He was not happy at all! I had to hold him against my chest so she could trim around his ears.

His haircut turned out so handsome!

I even let him have a sucker. He didn't get the concept of closing his mouth so he drooled all over himself.

Later that night we went out to dinner for my birthday. Silas was still complaining about the traumatic buzzers.

He was giving Mema and Papa the run down.

Overall the experience was o.k. I'll admit that I cried a little. But he does look very handsome with his short hair.

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Adria said...

I stick Henry in a high chair with a lollipop watching Dinosaur Train to distract him. It mostly works. And I take his shirt off and add a bib because he drools it all over too! He loves lollipops though!