Friday, August 27, 2010

Rice Cereal

We decided to give rice cereal a try this morning! Silas was not too thrilled to be sitting in his high chair. He seemed a little nervous to be honest!

He was also not thrilled with the rice cereal!

Most of it ended up being spit out and cleaned off of his sleeper suit or placed back in his mouth.

We continued to attempt feeding him, but eventually he was so frustrated he started crying, so we gave him is bottle and he was much happier.
So much for the cereal; we'll have to try again!

4 thoughts:

Adria said...

We waited until 6months (it's what's reccomended now) and it worked great with Henry. So maybe it's just too early for him. Also, we mixed it with breast milk so that it wasn't a completely new thing. Also, :) we made it so that it was very liquid. That's what my sister suggested. It worked really well.
It looks like you made yours more like cream of wheat in the picture. Try adding more formula or breast milk to it so it's not so thick and so it tastes similar to something he already likes. Good luck.

Victoria said...

Actually, we got the o.k. from his pediatrician since he's on a formula diet and can sit up with little support. We did mix it with formula and ended up watering it down after the first two spoonfuls. Thanks though!

McCall said...

I don't blame him for not wanting the rice cereal, it is not very tempting! In no time at all he will be asking to share any and all food he sees you guys eating :)

Rachel said...

Some kids are ready for it earlier than others. Recommendations are just that: Recommendations. If you got the go ahead from your pediatrician, that's great! It takes practice for the poor little things! Emma and Sophie were night and day different with it. Emma took to it no problem but Sophie wouldn't have anything to do with it. Best thing to do is to just keep introducing it. I've heard it can take up to 7 introductions before you can get a full idea of whether or not the child has a preference or not.