Friday, July 23, 2010

Swimming at Mema and Papa Joe's house

This week we decided to take Silas for a dip in the pool.

Mema and Papa Joe have a salt water pool in their back yard and a huge tree that provides a lot of shade over the shallow end. We outfited Silas in his adorable sea lion swim diaper and slathered him with sun screen. He was not a fan of the sunscreen.

Aunt Andi took pictures while we tested out the water. It was nice an warm from baking in the sun, but not too hot. It was like a bath and Silas seemed to have enjoyed it.

Papa Joe came out and decided to come swimming too. He had a lot of fun with Papa as he swished him around and splashed water at him.

We swam for about an hour. Half way through he decided he didn't want to lay in the water and we kept him upright. He kicked his legs and bobbed his head up and down. He even decided to dip his head in a few times and wasn't scared of the water at all. The salty taste was a lot different and he would smile and coo and try to get more in his mouth.

3 thoughts:

Rachel said...

Too cute! Both Emma and Sophie loved the water from the start. It's good to teach them young. And it's such a relief from the heat!

Adria said...

Your pictures are adorable! Silas is becoming more and more handsome. :) I miss you guys. I'm so glad that you are enjoying your son.

Drew said...

I can't believe how BIG he's getting! SO cute!