Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday

To me at least...

Today I am 27 years old.

I'm also 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

At my midwife appointment everything was great, oh expect I had no changes in the cervix department.

My child just doesn't want to be born. My uterus is still contracting, but my cervix won't change.

They sent me over to L&D to have the prostaglandin gels inserted. And they didn't do anything.

Donna, the midwife on call suggested using cervidil. That required being admitted to the hospital for observation. So they admitted me and inserted the cervidil at around 3:30 in the afternoon. The cervidil stays inserted for 12 hours so Josh and I hung out, had my family come entertain us at different intervals and got no sleep all night. Josh was on fold out which was probably more comfortable than my bed. I had a hard time sleeping because I was on the fetal heart monitor all night and had to page a nurse everytime I needed to go to the bathroom. The removed the cervidil at 3:30 in the morning and they checked me.

Around 6 am Donna came in and checked my cervix and she said that I was finally making some progress. My cervix is soft and I'm effaced 50% and dilated 1cm. She said Silas' head feels much lower in my pelvis, but still not at low as he should be. They gave me the option of staying and trying another method, or going home to relax and try to labor at home. Josh and I decided to come home. We went out for breakfast before hand and now we are resting.

So here I am... on my birthday still waiting for my son to arrive. At this point I'm done guessing when he'll come. He'll be here when he gets here.

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Evonne said...

Happy birthday!!

I hope he comes soon and all goes well.