Sunday, February 8, 2009


Both Josh and I will be graduating this year!

I think both of us have a slight case of senioritis right now with graduation only3-4 months away.

Josh's 14 year education journey will finally end next month and he'll have his BA in business management (although if he took one more year he could probably finish two others in psychology and information technology). He is looking forward to beginning his MBA focusing in marketing and is thinking of starting that in the fall. He is currently working on his last 16 credit hours and will be finished with his course work in 3 weeks, but won't "graduate" until June. He's been swamped with homework and we haven't spent a ton of time together but it's all worth it in the end.

I will be finished with my MEd in May. I'm taking an online course and then will take a seated class starting in March. I'm very excited to be finished. My degree is in Early Childhood Instruction with an emphasis in reading. I finished the reading requirements last summer and already have my reading specialist endorsement. I know that I will be walking on May 9th, which is a Saturday, so that means I won't be missing any teaching days. I'm just ready to be done though. I'm slightly burned out.

In the end we'll be smarter and will look back on this year and wonder if we were crazy for getting married and going to school all while taking care of a house and working full time.

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Victoria, Dan & Evan said...

Congratulations on being almost done!