Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Less than 3 days to go

We have been busy bees preparing for the wedding day!

Josh met with the church yesterday and finalized music and programs

This is the front and back of the program. The announcement is obviously the front and the scripture is the back.

This is the inside with the bridal party and the ceremony details.

We are putting things together for Friday as we are setting up the reception hall the afternoon before the wedding. We have several tubs full of decorations, center pieces, and favors. We are going to manage to put the reception hall together in two hours and then make it to the Church for the rehearsal.

Besides preparing for the big day Josh and I each had our respective bachelor/bachelorette parties this last weekend.

Josh and about 10 of his friends got together and went formula 1 racing then ate massive amounts of pizza and played poker until 2 am

I had my party and Dave and Busters. There were about 8 of us total. We snacked, drank, and played games until they closed.

We each had a great last weekend as "single" people.

Now we are working as hard as we can to finish up our respective college courses so that we can be stress free on our honeymoon.

It's hard to believe that in 3 days we will be husband and wife finally. It's such a joyous occasion that we are both looking forward to. We are so happy to be celebrating it in our church with our family and friends and to have the opportunity to see so many loved ones at once while we express our love for each other.

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Tara said...

Hey! I think I saw you at Dave and Busters! At least, the back of you. I saw the Mickey Mouse ears veil! I was there for my high school reunion. 20 years. Yikes!